Apple rejected my app, because they throught there was a frickin Windows phone on my loading screen.

How insecure can you be?

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    Wow, that's incredible. So ridiculous!
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    I’ve come across this before. Anything that doesn’t look like an iPhone when a phone is in the artwork is rejected.

    anti-competitive much?
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    Wow really? Thats a stupid reason apple wtf..
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    Yet another reason I don't use Apple.
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    Really, you are surprised by anything those childish, dictatorial, insecure children do. They took the earphone jack off a fucking phone
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    It's a marketing ploy, they released the new iPhone alongside the wireless earphones, it's a textbook scam.
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    @Atari if I call correctly, they had battery issues with the pods and they were only released 2 months later?
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    This is just sad!
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    Wow, actually sort of makes me angry. I hope they lose a lot of business.
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    I heard apple patented a rectangle with rounded corners. Maybe add rounded corners and they will be happy.
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    Welcome to the club, I've got our app refused many times because:
    1. We had a microsoft surface tablet on our website (the company has a Microsoft Partner subscription)
    2. Download from Google Play & Download from Apple App Store (refused because of google play button ...)
    3. We had "Date of Birth" field in registration and they thought it is against user privacy, the app is an ecommerce app and only 18+ are allowed to register, but ya date of birth is a top security thing that we might be able to abuse -.-
    4. You are using HealthKit, why? You need to make it clear for users ...

    and the list doesn't end ...
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    Put a Samsung or so on when you run Android, an iPhone on iOS and a Windows phone on Windows, you'll have a better reason to change the loading screen
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    @Letmecode Actually, and I say this as still (unfortunately) an active macOS user and a former iOS user, I also noticed that, and fucking god how I'll be happy when they finally die, despite their (occasional) good design and ok principles of some time ago... I almost feel like Apple really died with Steve Jobs in a way
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    Although I have an iPhone and iPad, I don’t think Apple has actually done anything new since Jobs died. Feels like we are just recycling the same devices for a “new and improved” with a higher price tag with nothing really new or overly improved about them.

    Although I haven’t found and Android alternative I actually like,otherwise I would probably jump of this dead beat s boat. 😞
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    Luckily, not that hard to change. But it's ridiculous
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    @Letmecode but their sales are growing very much.
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    As someone who recently worked on a secret project for apple and tested every possible way to annoy them...they're really petty. I wore an Android shirt after hours in the hotel and they almost fired me. Same thing for the Google sticker on my laptop. After that I REALLY tried to mess with them to see what it would actually take to get fired. Apparently it was pointing out actual occupational work hazards cuz I was put on a plane after that. Lolol

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    Shout out to @Starkium 🎊🎉🎊🎉
    Bravo man! 👏
    Bravo! 👏
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    @rizasif92 thank you, thank you
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    This is yet another reason why I'll never, EVER join Apple.
    The only Apple device we have at home is my father's iPhone... But even he is noticing how horrible it is, so he now uses it less and less, lol.

    I'll be honest with you, and say that I hate Apple with a passion... Maybe I'm exaggerated, but I can't help it. It's just... ugh. No.
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    @Gaetano96 the feeling is mutual my friend :')
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    I will go completely out of my way to talk shit about apple and I will live long enough to see their downfall out of spite for them
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    @Jop- who is Sony Ericsson?
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    Nokia rejected one of my apps for the same reason (Symbian app).
    Reasoning was it could confuse users.
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    @xsacha Insecurities everywhere
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    I mean, Apple is the company where you can buy their latest laptop and not be able to connect their latest phone with it even though syncing with iTunes is probably necessary
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    @fun2code I'm not sure my CFO handles all the finances. But last I heard it was $100
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    Apple got that Fuck You Money
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    Apple has the longest response time AND the pettiest reasons... not that great of a combo...
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    crApple being crApple
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