Not really a rant, but here goes...
I want to personally thank each and every member of devRant! Here’s why. (First, a little boring backstory): I’m visually impaired, and stuck in quarantine like the rest of us. (Not totally blind, but y’all definitely DO NOT want me out on the roads driving,) I also work a Tech Support job which largely deals with macOS. Due to this eye condition, there simply isn’t a lot of shit to do while stuck in the house other than work and learn node.js. So my pastime has largely been to sit and read Facebook while not on the clock. One day, while working from home, I was so bored and pissed off, I googled “macOS fucking sucks” for fun, and found devRant! Your stories, jokes and rants have turned my life around! I’m no longer on Facebook. (I know, I know, but what’s a half-blind guy to do except read about COVID-19 and get more pissed off at the state of the world?) and you guys have inspired me to start learning new things and delve deeper into node, which I had put down for awhile (I’m at a kindergarten level anyway, brand new). Anyway, thanks again! I’ll refrain from asking stupid questions, I promise. But I need a TechSupportRant now...

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    Welcome lost soul, you're journey to enlightenment has just begun, May your rants inspire us, like ours have you.
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    You're fucking welcome! Next time select the fucking *devrant* category when posting about the platform.
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    Looking at his rant got me thinking. How many of us found dev rant by typing "f*** technology" in search engine.

    I found devrant by programming channel on discord.
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    I'm learning Node right now too! Happy coding and good luck on your learning adventure.
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    Similar story for me... i just googled "i fucking hate HTML/CSS" and found this! And i was hooked. This is the only semi-social platform I am a member of anymore! 😂
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    @eisenhiem that's been my attitude toward front end work and the reason I've avoided JavaScript! 🤣
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