Its everyones favorite time again. Wisecrack's 8th grade hoborants about mathematics.

Lets start with the example



(1/(5/p))/b = 17.8

and naturally

p/5 =3969.4

3969.4/b = 17.8

What I find interesting is that...

p/17.8 = 1115.0

..for any product and factors (given two factors), the result will always be an integer.

Why is this?

You can see that

t= 1115.0*b = 248645.0

And if

17.8*(p/a) = 3969.4


17.8*(t/p) = 223.0 (our factor, b)



also a*(t/p) = 1115.0

I could be once again misunderstanding but
what it looks like is that theres some real number that always transforms p into an integer on the ring of integers (Z) representing multiples of the factors of p.

Now notice

b/17.8 = 12.52808988764045

We can also get that number like so..

t/p = 12.52808988764045
I think (though I could be mistaken) is that the reason is because t is b*1115 and 12.52808988764045 is the ratio between b and 17.8 as well as the ratio between
p and 1115.

And if we do

t/√p = 1764.9495488858483

1764.9495488858483^2 = 3115046.9101123596

also incidentally
3115046.9101123596/t =12.52808988764045
3115046.9101123596/12.52808988764045 =
t (this is obvious but I want to point it out anyway), or 248645.0


1115/b = 5.0

248645.0/5 = 49729.0


√49729.0 = b

Why is this last part true, that √(t/5) = b?

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    This is just random circular logic. Notice that 1115 is divisible by 223, which is b. The reason integers come out is because you randomly came up with expressions that simplify to multiples of a and b which are both integers, so of course it works out. Wtf did I just read
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    I should have obscured it more.
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    Same deal with the last part. You accidentally messed around with two integers a and b until you stumbled upon b^2 (not hard to do) and then noticed the square root of that is b.
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    I have about two more pages of shitposts like this. But at this point I'm gonna have to toss them all out. People have caught on 😢
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    @Wisecrack I'm never trusting your posts again... Nice shitpost tho
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    @ItsaMeTuni I never did. 😋
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    I feel dumb now for taking a shitpost seriously
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    The answer is 42.
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    Now I feel bad.

    You have my permission to taze me if we ever meet.
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    @Wisecrack I’d have to taze my balls first before doing it to anyone else so I know if it’s an appropriate level of punishment.
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    @hack The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy[
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    You are just doing random Operation which results in multiplication of an integer with 5 which ofcourse will be an integer
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    proof of other half
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    What you have done isn't even number theory? You just messing with numbers like a child. I guess you are click baiting since the beginning.
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    @-pthread what you want to taze me now too?

    +1 for doing the math.
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