Samsung has a bug in their galaxy software that essentially makes you unable to store anything that's not in the root folder on an additional sd card. After 2 years, they still have the bug. Additionally some phones will shit themselves if you try to format an sd card with it

How the fuck can they just leave significant bugs. The whole just get a new phone every other year mentality/industry style is both wasteful and seems to contribute to garbage software

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    You tried it with a computer right? Also WRITE encryption is sadly a thing.
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    yeah, well it's easier for most of their consumers to just buy a new one, and the ones that can't get left behind. Why fix bugs in stuff a large part of your consumerbase won't even use?
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    @Parzi not everyone will care to use the fancy extra features. If they do and there are bugs the reaction is typically "meh, I lived without it before, just download another app from Google's Playstore."
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    @iamai pretty much, yeah.
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    @melezorus34 yeah on the computer it's all fine and I've also checked online that I'm not the only. Samsungs suggestion was to back up the phone and factory reset 🤷‍♂️
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    I had to install lineage for a similair reason: they just straight out disabled the "format sd card as internal storage" feature for no reason else than just being dicks
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    @matt-jd they are right though, you may need to reset it via the Smart Switch app as it is (prolly) a driver issue
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