Do you look forward to working?

My friend seems to feel working is a good distraction from worrying about the virus.

To me though, I don't hate work but would rather just take off instead of wfh...

Just don't feel like working... But dunno y...

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    I agree, I have an internship to finish but I just feel so out of it, I'd rather wait for it al to blow over
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    I work all the time. Endless number of things I want to accomplish in life.
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    I live simple life with simple equation work hard or land on the street.
    No money equals less choices and less problems.
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    @SortOfTested well I meant like the 9-5 job. Yes my own stuff I guess still good though I'm working on my list of movies atm...
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    @vane you're self employed? Contractor? In that case yes would be hard.

    For me, I guess it's like if only I didn't get health insurance, I could probably retire...

    And in this environment, maybe feels like "we're all gonna die" or at least I am, do whatever the point... But yes for me I do have a lot in savings...
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    @billgates yeah I am contractor, working in logistics so might not be affected by this crisis.
    I also have some savings but only to survive a year ( don’t want to spend it ). Need to work for at least 10 next years to think about retirement or have more luck in business.
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    Would I rather retire and keep my living standard than working from home? Any day of any week!

    Given that I bought a house last fall, then got sacked within a month, then got a new job and now did not get fucking sacked despite this shit going down, I'm pretty fucking happy to be working from home.

    Hell, given I've had 30+ pneumonias in my lifetime so far and we're entering allergy season I'm just happy I don't have the 'rona 'cause with my lungs it might just kill me.
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    @SortOfTested I just want to take as many MOOCs as I can in this quarantine
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