Seems like the poisoning of the internet is coming to a head. While searching earlier for a first principles reference to answer a question with, I came across an entirely obfuscated query.

"Codd's forms of normalization"


In the first four pages, there are 5 results that aren't ad farms, crappy pasta tutorial sites, brand building articles, poorly understood rote regurgitation of information, quora, or some combination of all of the above.

In 2005, the top 5 would likely have contained Bell Labs, UoI, Cambridge and Oracle. Mind you, I don't think the world is getting dumber, exactly, just that the signal to noise ratio in the information sphere is getting worse and the risk from that is the world becomes markedly "dumber". The only barrier to entry anymore is how well your SEO optimization competes.

I'm obviously getting old.


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    Have you tried duckduckgo?
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    @JamesRyan It isnt 100% the google's fault. It is the fault of people throwing trash on the internet.
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    Not completely sure what this is,but are the results any better?
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    Net difference is Microsoft gets a slight bump in the rankings.
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    Let’s see another google popping out of a garage now
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    At least there is Wikipedia... But I wonder if there is any option to explicitly filter out "crappy tutorial and cheat-studying websites"...

    Or even some *implicit* way.
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    we'd all be back in the stone age without wikipedia

    despite the collateral casualties those basement deletionists cause each second.
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    @Parzi if you were up to any serious shit you'd know better than talking about that on social media
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    @molaram i mean i do it so i can't easily be tracked by employers, i don't actually give a shit who has/sees what as long as it's not linked to me in reality. Plus, these comments can be deleted.
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