Like visual basic? Go for it. Scratch? Get stuck in. Like playing around with HTML/CSS/JS? Ignore anyone who laughs. Want to learn C++? Awesome!

The best thing you can do as a kid is get exposure to it, be creative, be curious, work out how to do stuff, and get stuck in. It's not the time in your life to listen to anyone who's discouraging. Then, whether you take this up longer term or not, you'll have had some fun, created some cool stuff, and have a good grasp of some basic concepts.

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    There's a fine line between discouraging and guiding. Guidance to avoid some practices could be mistakenly understood as discouragement
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    OK just don't do python OK?
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    Is there something Freudian going on with people's aversion to Python? I like python and it is great for quick tasks. Not sure what that means philosophically.
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