No matter how much you learn and practise, you're still going to break something.

So get on with learning, and break something huge!

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    But ma', the random person on the internet told me to break something huge, I didn't know **breaking** in FBI's servers was illegal.
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    Learning how to fix broken things I reckon is a key skill.

    Being able to break things is also a handy skill too.

    Since, if you can't break your own thing, maybe no one else can !

    In which case, you need friends with the same ability to test things for you..
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    @Nanos yeah it's always a nice way to debug, or just detect typos as they make fun of it 😂
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    The computer boys: "Move fast and break things!" Also the computer boys: "Why is everything bad and broken? It's a mystery!"

    Agree with @Nanos - "fixing broken" is the art and lesson to be taken when something breaks.
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    This is bad advice, do not do this. I wonder if Boeing says this to their new employees.

    “Don’t worry, we know you suck at what we hired you for, so get out there and kill a million people!”


    Put forth an effort to write correct code. And fucking test it, god damn. If you’re smart you can do it. And if you try at all you can write good tests.
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