Do whatever makes you happy and dont let your idiot parents pressure you into tech just because they think thats where the money is.

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    Im generally disliked anyway so i thought id just say the truth 🤷‍♂️
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    @rutee07 how fucking old are you?
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    @nitwhiz He's twelve and a half. No idea about his age, though

    @yellow-dog How could one not like a Raz0r Shark? That's beyond me.
    Your advice is sound, by the way. One will never be happy doing something he/she didn't choose.
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    Only downside is being poor and happy..

    But I guess nowadays you can have a solar powered laptop for when you are homeless..

    But won't you need to be a techie to fix it.. ?
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    @Nanos because there are no other well paid jobs right
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    Well, the amusing thing is where I am, on the whole, its all the other jobs that pay well.

    Only an idiot would choose a techie career path and spend years being unemployed trying to get a job in it !

    My parents wanted me to be a car mechanic..

    And here I am now, designing vehicles. :-)

    (Note, for decades I didn't do car mechanics, I wanted to get into computers!)
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    Just don't go the other way and be part of the "I deserve a living wage when I chose a degree in underwater basket weaving" crowd.
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    @rutee07 Nursing? Are you Filipino? Most parents in the Philippines want their kid to be in the medical profession. Typically they end up becoming nurses who go abroad for work. But if incel is the target then programming would work well.
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    @rutee07 hahaha you sound delightfully awful. Let me just get a headstart running in a different direction.
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