Bruh, just learn them how a computer works with minecraft. Inverters, And, Nand, etc... can all b made there. From there, u can make flip-flops, u can make registers, adders, multiplexors, demuxs. Ofc makin anything more then a 1-bit, maybe 2-bit machine, would be a pain, and dont get me starting on memory that extends one register. But hey, if u got the patience, u can ofc. Put it together to an ALU, combin all of them with a PC to an CPU. Ofc, you got no ROM or RAM, but hey, atleast u've built the hard part.

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    One month later, join chinese manufacturer gangs to get a stable job
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    The kid is trying to code, not make a damn CPU. Goddamn it.

    Are you one of those who would make a webapp in assembly?
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    Ye, no, I would not. Got a bit overboard, I just personally like picking things apart, and fact is, if you build a CPU, you got a damn good insight into what you're actually doing whilst programming. I just think that by using mc as a media, the kid might actually've been able to understand it, which would've been cool.
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    @friend afaik last time "cool" was good for business, they were doing extreme sports
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