Advice to any child thinking to start coding:

Stay away from everything that is linked with JavaScript

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    You mean like Java?
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    @rutee07 nah ActionScript
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    @rutee07 yeah my father forced me to do “java for kids” when I was 11 and I hated it.
    So much typing just to klick a ugly gray button. And nobody to show it too because it was a desktop app. If he forced me to do HTML and JavaScript I would have liked it much more as you get instant gratification with webstuff and you can send it to your friends.
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    Why? It's one of the most compact languages in that you need very little code to do much
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    @arte921 it's like a game with a good start and an ending that haven't been thought about.
    too many quirks that even doge (meme) got disgusted by it.
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    It has quick gratification though, which is nice.
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    JavaScript is one of the best programing language.

    Stop telling shit here!
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    @Afrographics It's the only language where I have to look at the documentation every time I call a function because types are extremely important and at the same time only emergent properties of the code itself.
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    @Lor-inc autocompletion plugin can fix that.

    I think
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    @Afrographics personally. I use them
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    @Afrographics Most third party stuff doesn't have jsdoc annotations. Besides, intellisense doesn't pick up docstrings for imported objects.
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    @Lor-inc as for me.

    No problem with my completion plugins. So far
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    My advice: don't be an elitist like OP
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    Like seriously the underlying engine implementation could be any so code needs too much scaffolding to be generalized for every browser and they gave us TS so we don't complain about type safety so that I can no longer rant about it.
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