Just found that
When spammers need help they ask on facebook 😆

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    Asking for "help"? I think it's a bob.
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    I dont think they are asking for help. I think its mostly trying to make programmers fall for the scam. but even the stupidest person would not fall for it right ? *Haxk20 looks at data as to how many people fall for scams like this. BRAIN.elf stopped working.* Well OK. WOW.
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    I use puppeteer a lot and I can assure this the of cases happens a lot when you are trying to automate the web.

    Specially giving wrong selector and using puppeteersandbox for learning is not a good idea.

    He should have planned properly and not try to refresh the page over and over.
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    @entrptaher so you‘re admitting to be a Spammer too? 😉
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    @heyheni puppeteer is owned by Google and using puppeteer doesn't mean I'm spammer. 🤔
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    @heyheni and automating the web doesn't mean spamming. All of your UI tests for your website are web automation.
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    We were talking about how someone can make this innocent problem a very easy phising trap. Let's say you want to see why it errors and enter to site, because *op didn't gave enough info*. You log in, google wants you to accept oauth, and you move on. Aaand mail inbox are in their hands, with the email they can use it to reset passwords of many things, you know.
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