1. Learn to use Google.
2. If you don't know English, learn it. Most good resources are in English.
3. Be patient and don't give up. You'll get *very* frustrated, believe me.
4. Don't bother other people with stupid questions, refer to item 1. Only ask in forums/answer hubs if you can't find what you're looking for through Google. Yes, that means going into Google's second result page.
5. Don't get discouraged if you don't have friends your age that like programming. You'll find people with the same interest later :)
6. If you don't understand stuff right away, don't worry. Copy code from YouTube tutorials and change them a bit. No Ctrl + C Ctrl + V though, copy it by writing. Little by little it'll start making sense and soon enough you'll be able to write stuff of your own.
7. Most importantly, have fun!

(This advice comes from someone that started programming at age 10 in a county that doesn't speak English)

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    Not so sure about #2, can't tell you how many times I've clicked on a video and it's been in Hindi.
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    For some unknown reason, Hindi videos always have English titles and descriptions on Youtube.
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    @reginsmol I'm not saying there aren't good resources in other languages, just that the majority of them is in English. Documentation is always in English, for example.
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    He said *good* resources.
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    Oh boi, you just remined me when I was reading an ancient html only Bash tutorial as my first ever programming language in age 14. Dark times, dark times...
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    @aggelalex I started in visual basic. I don't think I had any idea of what loops and arrays were, all I did was login screens with if statements. I fucking loved it.
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    Very important nuggets for us; the amateurs.
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    4, sometimes it takes me hundreds of google page results to even begin to find an answer to my question !

    Then that will often give me some more search terms to add (Or take away..) so I can get nearer to finding the solution next time.

    Since, it is common for the answer to be there, if only you knew the correct question to ask !

    Other times of course, you have to be the first one to answer the question so others can google your answer..
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