Please do you know any application like *Dev rant. But for graphic designer?

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    No. We have too much unnecessary people there
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    Or you can just lurk around here like the rest of us do.
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    DesignRant in a nutshell 😄
    "why is there so much wasted space on this page? I want our logo triple the size! My wife said she likes light green better than your color palette. I want this design, i don’t care if that’s stealing! Are you done yet?”

    or my favourite real story
    A Priest ordered tens of thousends of pamphlets at a printshop. After it was printed he visits the shop for inspecting the pamphets. And he thanks the sales guy for that generous donation and doing the lords work. The sales guy explodes "We are a business not a charity we printed here for $100'000 and you gonna pay this!"
    Obviously the priest didn't see why he had to pay as he was doing the lords work. We called the police. 😆
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    🤣🤣🤣 For the last part

    Very very true.

    It's a nightmare when it's come to deal with clients.

    So you are a designer too?
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    @heyheni are you done yet... that sums it up in a nutshell 😅
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    @M1sf3t eh one more.
    I once had to cut a video for a legitimate charity which safes woman from prostitution in the third world. To my horror and disgust I found a video clip that shows those two ngo guys who are supposed to save these women are having a „very very good time“ in a brothel. I sat there in front of my video editing iMac speechless out of disgust.
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    @heyheni Oh I'm sure they inquired about how the ladies found their way into the life before propositioning them for sex 🙄
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    @heyheni you're a saint heyheni. But if you want to save prostitutes in the third world you don't bring an app. You bring manpower, *firepower* and money.

    Cuz the only things gonna stop the bad from exploiting the desperate is a small army. Probably not even that.
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    Not like DevRant but definitely for designers. Dribbble
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