Duplicate question
Too opinion based
Fuck you this is a dumb question

But if you actual got a question and give all the information that's needed nobody fucking responds
Yeah well fuck you StackOverflow
It's like they only want to bash people and not actually help

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    I concur
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    As a queue reviewer (low tier perk, I know) I understand a part of this stance.

    I have seen dozens of "first posts" which clearly lack effort. Questions in garbled English, random text snippets out of context, some code pasted somewhere with no use of the formatting tools, chunks of "your code here"-placeholders or the whole codebase posted in one block.

    You clearly see this user spent less than thirty seconds on formulating their issue, thoughts and "what you already tried". It looks more like "my boss gave me this assignment, solve it for me".

    If you don't give a flying fuck about the others reading your question, or your time is too valuable to be wasted on formatting, why should anyone else spend theirs on answering your question?

    So to cut it short: The number of trash questions increased greatly, which affects the morale of the reviewers.
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    @pythonInRelay I actually can show a progression of question quality on my stack profile with mockery on the one hand and clear, straight answers on the other.

    But I still think it funny how many people out themselves online as shitty question askers.
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