Just because your friends are all learning JavaScript, doesn't make it the best language to learn first.

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    It never was the best, but it's the most used
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    @melezorus34 I don't doubt that, but it's not a typed language. Learning how to program without understanding data types seems like a mistake.
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    The constructive thing would be to suggest a language. But you just excluded most popular beginner languages. Like Python, Ruby, PHP, VB. Everyone should start with C, maybe not a bad idea. And what about manual memory management? Should that be mandatory too? C again.
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    Wait I thought they decided it's not a language anymore.

    Kinda like pluto is no longer a planet, fuck you pluto go suck some cocks
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    @Ubbe I really want to learn how to clear memory manually in JS (except for delete bcuz it somehow hurtz optimisation
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