Reeeeddit is a strange place. You can be on an advice sub, answer the question and the OP agrees with your answer and people are still gonna downvote it.

What the actual basement dwelling neckbeard virgin fuck is this shit lol

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    Meh, never got the appeal personally. It's like a more socially acceptable version of Yahoo answers, but still full of just as many imbeciles.
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    @AlmondSauce i mean you're not wrong and I don't give a fuck but like it's fuckin stupid to downvote something that is clearly the answer the op wanted.
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    @Stuxnet Are we talking about SO or Reddit? I get confused.
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    @AlmondSauce There's a difference?

    Nah but this time Reddit. But both are toxic asf communities
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    I mean fuck reddit. I created two accounts as an experiment. One was helpful, the other just made jokes and threadbombed.

    At the end of 6 months of equivalent use, the shitheel account had over 4000 rep, the helpful account had 140.

    That is reddit in a nutshell.
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    @SortOfTested Yeah, reddit is nice for the memes but everything else is just too much drama and insanity.
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    @SortOfTested That's unfortunately the same for every social media websites. Just look here, on devRant.

    @OP What subreddit was it, if I may?
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    @Jilano uhhh r/malefashionadvice
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    > everything else is just too much

    > drama and insanity.

    I had some of that the other day on Facebook when someone asked for advice about homeschooling.

    You'd think I was talking about the end of the world or something !

    I suggested weight lifting, since strength is useful in life.

    Suddenly I'm accused of saying all home schooled kids are 'unfit'..

    It went downhill from there, as fast as I blocked someone who was nasty, another popped up, until the admin closed the comments section.

    Kinda like every social media platform..

    Well, it doesn't seem like that here too much, but then maybe I haven't said anything too controversial yet..
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    Reddit is a great place for advice!

    They're wrong so consistently that you can ask a question, read all of the responses, and do the exact opposite. It'll be right practically every time.
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    @Stuxnet Ah, makes sense
    I'd wager most people in there are fuelled by ego, pride, and whatnot
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    @Jilano probably so. It's mad stupid.

    @Root for the most part, yea. But I did find one for advice about preppy/traditional dressing that isn't that bad. Once you weed through the better than thou art cunts, it's got solid advice.
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