When keeb is life

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    Wow! Really beautiful keyboard you‘ve got!
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    I read kebab for a sec.
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    @melezorus34 Döner Kebab 🤤
    Man thank you I now wish I could have a Simit and a chai right now.
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    Premium rubbreh domeh :D
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    @heyheni chai is easy to get, even earl grey will do. And if you are willing to cook, you can make "Poğaça"s with mashed potato or cheese.

    Context: Poğaça is a cooked blob of dough that can have any other materials in it, even chocolate (breakfast type or grid ones).
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    What keyboard is that? How much does it cost?
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    @shoop It's the Happy Hacking Keyboard(short HHKB). Costs quite a lot because of its Topre switches, over 200 bucks for the cheapest variant if I remember correctly.
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    Keyboard has way too high contrast - distracts from content on screen.
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    @melezorus34 kebab is also life🤤
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    @Oktokolo I only find myself distracted when I typed bunch of “:;[,”s once I got used to it but using onboard butterfly KB tho
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    @shoop The stroke is a bit “mushy” to me (in a way that I like) compared to ones with Cherry switches
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    @melezorus34 my babushka calls them Pierogi, and we make ours with potato and cheese inside!
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