What is missing on devrant app ?

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    Customization of notifications. Being able to select what you're notified about.
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    ability to disable gcm, real tags, follow or ignore tags(ignore jokes or meme if you just want rants), edit comment or rant
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    code formatting and to follow users rants
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    How about adding channels such as:
    programming languages
    Tech News

    Being able to subscribe to your prefered channels or follow users ??
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    @macolby42 yeah press the ellipses in the upper right hand corner, you can stop notification there
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    @XDev devrant/r/jokes
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    @tisaconundrum thanks! But what I was talking about was more like if you only wanted to get a notification on your phone for a certain event like only being notified when someone comments on your rant.
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    @macolby42 basically we code our own notification conditions
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    People posting real rants
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    Devrant is using Google Cloud Messaging?! Oh no....
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