It's sad. My teammates are resigning :( Damn management for not taking care of people that they already have. You hire new people with higher pay and let your existing people with lower pay teach them. I just feel like resigning too.

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    Sounds a little like slavery 😭
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    This same situation is in my company. Thinking about resigning too.
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    That may be one reason why the majority of devs seem to change the company like every two or three years.
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    Devs leave routinely because companies treat humans as resources. The only way you keep pace with cost of living is lateral promotion.
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    Yeah happened to me too.
    First job, nice people, ate together, laughed together, worked together.
    One leaves: we get a little sad but it's okay, we proud.
    Another one does: suprise, sadness.
    Another one does: angst.
    Another one does: depression.
    Another one does: I find a photo in my phone where everyone was together just 2 months ago and I feel my heart sink.
    I leave: Get a warm bittersweet goodbye from everyone and chat less and less with them until they become my past and I move on.
    People in my new company don't feel as close. Wonder if I'll ever feel as socially comfortable as before without the economical strain it posed.
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