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    Apple being Apple and relying on their most devout customers to make a profit. Next it's gonna be Apple merch where you buy a 200$ tshirt
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    Keep on rollin rollin rollin rolling!


    Sadly, there's an Apple fan boy out there that's going to buy these 😞

    - Sent from my rolling iPhone.
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    Thank God it's not $700! That would have been a "no-go", but at this price, it's a steal!
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    Hold your tongue and say Apple user.

    My car tires are less expensive. I wonder if there is an aftermarket for less shitty looking wheels for cheaper. That could be a market to get into. Maybe even ones that are motorized and allows you to adjust the location of the computer by voice control.
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    That is why I am a proud PC/Android user. Even if I have to say it, Apple made some revolutionary stuff a lot of time ago. But they don't give you the possibility to do what you want with things that you've bought and they make their things cost way too much, just because it is made by Apple doesn't mean it is the best.
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    That wheel can suck my cocks ?
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    Why does a cheese grater need wheels?
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