Why do people hate on VIM so much? It’s easy to exit one you understand the different between command and edit mode.

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    Because it HAS a "command" and an "edit" mode.
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    Because it's the cool thing to do 🙄
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    @Root "Cool". I wonder if someone ever got laid by doing a Vim joke...
    Probably @Stuxnet.
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    Because it's only efficient as long as you remember a whole lot of commands, and even then things won't necessarily be faster.

    Actually it's not even about hating vim. It's how most people only end up in vim by accident (it's a default editor in many installations) and need to google how to exit. On top of that, when someone suggests vim they never understand the other person is already using some other tool and switching to vim has a near-vertical learning curve if you want to replace everything you know from your current editor.
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    People just hate things that are different. Like, I get that an editor with a learning curve doesn't sound appealing to anyone. But I think something else is going for a lack of enthusiasm to turn into hate.

    I mean if you get shoved into it without warning I get that you wouldn't be impressed. But that should be a 20 second google search away from you getting out of it and moving on with your life. And besides I'm speaking from experience with people who I know for a fact have never been unexpectedly put in vim i.e. windows users.
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