super cooling solution...

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    I have a newer version of that case! I love it. Sleek, not too "GAMER!!!", easy to clean, and not very expensive. A great choice!
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    This is so cute and I can't stop looking at it 😂
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    Going on to interpreting this photo, I see a parent (the in-built fan) and their child (cute fan outside) fighting over what's the right way - sometimes the parents are not perfect but they may be a little bit more right than you! 😄
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    Also, the theme of the retro PC reminds me of a night "routine" I had as a teen: I would wait until I heard the steps of my parents coming up the stairs and I'd be nervous whether the fan would turn off in time before they opened the door and I could pretend to sleep! 😂

    I'm surprised how many feelings this simple photo can actually evoke. A true piece of art! 😎👌
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    Actually this kind of setup works very well with a raspberry pi.
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