Yesterday i somehow drunk-coded my entire c++ homework, it runs great and its a guaranteed A but i dont remember how does it work so if they start asking questions theyll think i just had it made by someone

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    Maybe you just created a new paradigm drunk driven development, or DDD.
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    @geronimo it's possible.... :)
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    DDD sounds great. Coin that T-shirt before someone else does
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    Congrats for experiencing the ballmer's peak https://xkcd.com/323/
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    I had something similar. I pulled a complete EAV implementation in 3 hours after showing up at work after not sleeping and drinking all night.... went home and slept afterwards. I wonder to this day how I did it and how there arent any bugs appearing
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    That's true. It wasn't you, but it was Mr.Robot inside yoy
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    I think it's basically that you know that you're in bad shape, and that you have to focus at 100% in the tasks you're doing, so you end up putting way more attention to what you do... Or you're just like a fucking drinking-coding ninja (drunk fight-style :P)
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