Hello everyone I am a new learner and I want to learn programming please can anyone can help me

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    Welcome to the joyous Quest for Dev!

    Here's the link to the world's knowledge


    Be warned, it may never always tell you exactly what you want but you will be able to grow deciphering what you need.

    Good luck!
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    Grab a PC and figure it out
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    Ask a specific question clearly, give enough information so we know your context e.g you want to build a game for Android, you want to learn how to design web apps.
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    Yay more software dev spam soon! :(
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    @Okii thanks for your reply ,I want to learn both but I don't know from where start please can you please help me
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    @sujalsingh2005 start with web apps
    Easy and friendly to beginners
    Then progress to game dev with knowledge on design
    Unless yu want to quit befor yu even start yu can try game dev
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    @Taqs01Code thanks
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    You could take a look on w3 schools for web app stuff. Out of curiosity, do you have a project idea in mind yet?
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    @LavaTheif currently not but I am thinking
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    I “want” doesn't exist. Are you indeed committed? Then, say, "I will" figure it out. There no excuse and no reason for you to ask such a silly question or permission to learn anything in today's information age.
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    This is highly opinionated, but I think you should start by getting familiar with Linux or macOS (anything Unix/posix really).
    You can then try one of the most basic and used language: C
    Try to recode part of the libC, then up the ante with a wireframe renderer of heightmaps, then recode printf for exemple
    -> man & Google are your friends, you should never in any case have any segfault/crash in a finished program.

    Once you understand the basics and the logic, do wathever you want !
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