Just got stood down today.

The company I'm assigned to at the moment gave my employer a days notice that they are halting the project.

Time to hit the vodka.

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    out of whiskey are we?
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    @molaram Nope, worse. Out of money.

    Vodka is cheap which means I can buy large quantities of it.
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    Whoot party time, 🥃🥃🥃🥃🥃🙃
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    I knew this crackhead bimbo who taught me a trick to get the most out of your vodka: get some OBs (the tampons) and dip them in vodka, then shove one up your ass. Or your vagina if you're (un?)lucky enough to have one. Anyway, the alcohol gets much faster in the bloodstream and you basically get as wasted as you'd get from drinking a whole bottle and it works much faster.
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    @molaram or he could donate blood plasma. There are financial rewards (at least here as donating plasma != donating blood) and after the process you don't need much to get drunk. It would also provided finance for his ...um... hobbies.

    Beware of the endless loops tho.
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