So, as you may be aware, I work as solo dev for small company. There is easly enough work for team, but I digress..

So, they wanted to stay updated whats progress on some projects. We use slack. I use git. I set up account for them so they can come into my git and controll if issues are solved, etc. I wont get started about any dev ever beeing judged by how much code is outputted, beyond scope of this.

So they started bitching about that git is too technical and too complicated and shit. They made bizzare bullshit google excel (not even in polish) and stupidass form to "audit issues". Hmm.. wtf. I just didnt use it becouse it was slowing me down and was just frustrating, how one can replace git + issue tracker with fucking spreadsheet?!

Okay, so having that aside, I complained about that so they were like "okay, so you want to use git and we want to be notified. whats your solution" me "oh, you want to stay notified, thats easy, I can plug my git into slack"

Now our slack is spammed to oblivion with git notifications.

Now they are annoyed that they are too notified. (Yes I consulted with them what will be plugged into slack)

Oh well


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    I understand them, git is comprehensible by the dev community not by the management.
    I personnaly use Trello to bond those 2 worlds.
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