What would you say to an employer offering a job at a starting point of only a percentage of the top salary you'll earn once the project is finished? Let's say they offered to pay you $40k to work full time building a highly complex website with multiple API integrations and sophisticated estimate calculation workflows, plus you'd be doing marketing and copywriting, with a goal of achieving 300 signups a day. In the middle of the project they boost the pay to, say, $60k salary rate. At the 12 month mark, which is the final "launch" date anticipated (and onward), you get $100k/year and you're the only person paid to do All The Things.

Oh, and also, the previous person they hired to do it failed to deliver and was let go.

Would you turn that down because to earn so little at first on the speculation that the venture will be a success and that you'll eventually get to the $100k level, plus their failure with the previous person, is too much of a gamble? Asking for a friend. ;)

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    just be sure they don't get the code so they can't kick you out when you're done.
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    @molaram Good point. Unfortunately, that wouldn't be possible. They'd own the code as it's not a freelance or B2B arrangement. 100% full-time salary with NDA and ownership by the business.
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    I just won't work for 40k. I did once it sucked and you set yourself up to be lowballed in the future.
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    Unless you absolutely urgently need a job and there’s no other option, listen to @projektaquarius
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    I thought of like same thing and joined, but the actual issue is like the product is not yet launched. Everytime they ask for a feature, we build it . They every time has a list of additional features, ready and so we have like new features with no cusotmers.
    So like I haven't got any salary increment.

    So I advice you to go only if you are sure like , they may earn and give you proper salary you expect.
    Anyways if you are ready to work for less salary , just give a try and leave if they do not increase.

    Also mine work is like developing + managing team + managing server + r&d and much more...
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