"no micro managing here!"

*Boss comes in at 5*
- how much work have you done?
- why isn't this finished yet?
- you're working too slow
- show me git status
- show me git log
- why is this taking you so long?

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    Plus 1 for the tag
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    It's a fucking joke this place
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    Get out of there!
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    I'm trying but jobs in this part of the country are sparse unfortunately :/
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    @Hevlastka why where are you? Your boss really comes and checks your git status every day?
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    Yeah pretty much. It's a joke though, they're expecting me to build a fully functional e-commerce site ready to be running in production before December.
    When I say a site I mean everything from the infrastructure (redis, elasticsearch, postgres etc) to backend and frontend which isn't completely finished.

    It's been designed to be used with a frontend framework but halfway through they decided to scrap that idea. So I've got to go and redesign the fcking thing as well.

    Oh did I mention that there is a migration as well? And indexing their current stuff in elasticsearch?

    And that I'm supposed to be finished by the end of next fucking month? FML
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    @spl0 and West Yorkshire
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    Aren't there loads of jobs in Leeds? I hope your charging some proper money for all that!
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    Slightly above junior developer wage - I was an idiot enough to go down a grade for this shit. The job description is basically the complete opposite of what it actually is. I'm on a hunt at the moment but there isn't too many jobs here unfortunately. Shot myself in the foot by accepting this one.
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    @spl0 let me know if your place is hiring! :|
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    My condolences
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    If you stop using devRant you can get more time!!!
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    @SweetHuman there's something about your comment that broke me inside
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    @Hevlastka it break me too. I have work and other but i spend it looking at devRant and other dev related stuff but not related to my work.
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    I would have left at git status.

    You can do better, no harm in looking :)
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