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    I don't understand why anyone can hate Johnny Sins. He's a hardworking man trying out different professions. He's the most essential of all essential employees. He's so essential that people extract his essence and turn them into therapeutic essential oils.
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    Who doesn't....
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    Understandable have a great day
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    low effort rant, do not approve 😄
    However welcome to devRant have a lovely time here
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    There are only two kind of language. One every hate and one nobody use.

    In conclusion languages are hated or they are forgotten.
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    @mr-user but Cobol exists :((((((
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    why = {
    javascript: (is) =­> {
    return new Fun
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    @mr-user And then there's Rust which is getting more and more widespread production use and has topped the StackOverflow survey for most loved languages 3 years in a row
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    but I am sure that there are people who hate "Rust". My point is that as much as some people hate "JS" , there are people who love it. Rust is no different. As much as people love "Rust" , there are hater.

    If you think about it , hater are everywhere in life. The moment something become popular,they are haters.

    I like to define "Whenever something is popular,there are hater for it". - Mr-User
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