My week was going great, started an online course on coursera.org. It was on algorithms, somone recommended it to me here. After spending like an awesome 3 hours learning about dynamic connectivity algorithms, I find out I have to submit code in Java!!! If you hate Java then u get me, then there's a deadline, OBVIOUSLY!!! I only know the basic Java syntax, can't even believe I got this far without coding a project in Java. So now I have to polish up on Java and write a percolation java project, no biggie!

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    I completely understand.
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    @Root u hate Java too?
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    @brayo Yes. I've avoided taking classes (or changed to "auditing" them) because they required me to write Java. I've also passed on some high-profile coding challenges (sometimes after interviewing) because they required either Java or another language I disliked.

    Not to be snobbish, but I dislike the language and can't bring myself to learn it well enough to become proficient.
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    Full send, bro!!!
    No option but to enter the sacred realm of beast mode and surgically crush it! Let us know how it goes!
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