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    Simple, effective.
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    Now I use Chrome on my private computer for work (#wfh). There are so many pet peeves.
    1. Crtl+tab does not cycle to last used
    2. Address bar doesn't do titles (can't find gdrive files I visited)
    3. In page search has no case/word options
    4. Proxy settings suck
    5. When using vpn VoIP in browser does not work (this is a really weird one as only company network addresses are routed through it and everything else works just not audio)

    The list goes on, I appreciate Firefox much more than I thought.
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    1. You can change it in settings.
    2. Newly added feature.
    3. Afaik it has, gonna check tho.
    5. Afaik it's a WebRTC problem by itself, they were on it last time.
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    1. Can't find it
    2. Actually is a flag, this really helps!
    5. Other WebRTC stuff works fine. And also has nothing to do with vpn.
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