People keep asking me the reason why I am still using my 9 years old laptop which has Pentium b940 and 4 GB of ram. I should say Its enough for me!
All hard work is on the server side. I just need an SSH client, VS Code, Chromium, and Spotify, all running on a light weight Ubuntu. why should I buy one of those brand new laptops which has lights more than a UFO.

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    You can run Chromium and 2 Electron apps on 4 GB of RAM? Wow. I'm impressed.
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    Just.. upgrade
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    Or downgrade to chrome book which is lightweight
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    If it works why rock the boat. Although if you are only waiting for it to die, just leave it around kids. Or donate to charity and feel good. Then buy a new laptop, spend that money and help the economy...end world hunger... achieve world peace.
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    @iamai :D :D :D :D :D :D
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    But but but.. the UFO lights are awesome!!
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    Have you tried a newer model? Any model really... I've seen 400€ ones with 8GB /SSD (hard to find, but still), and I can guarantee you that you would feel a difference.
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