Calls. Every 30 minutes. Why?! Do people know about cool stuff like chat?!

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    "I'm just so lonely at home. I wanna hear the sweet voice of another human, for only other humans can provide me with joy and social gratification." is what people, who i would describe as annoying, would say. On a serious note, while a lot of stuff can be done via chat, some things are just faster with a call. Also it pressures you more into doing stuff faster, so management will probably use that.
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    @gitreflog Yeah but most of the time its like "hey you devop guy, can i do this or that with tool/platform xy?" or "Could you look over problem xy". Its fcking annoying
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    Personally, I prefer talk to chat, but only if there's a fucking important reason.
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    @Ranchu Yeah, like weather, the current pandemic, etc. It's even better with kids crying in the background. Makes you feel right at work, you know!
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