It sucks when you’re also poor cause you need to go out to ex. empty trash can. If you’re living in small apartment it will get claustrophobic sooner or later. If you live with family you’re hero if you won’t kill them.

Now if I can’t travel around I see no gain at all and only pain points.

So if you can’t afford big house with swimming pool, gardener, maid, bar and bartender, private lake and car racing track you still need to go outside of your property.

So if you’re poor and you’re working remotely during pandemic you will most likely gain depression, claustrophobia and other mental illness that will sooner or later ruin your and other people’s life except psychologists if only you can afford one.

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    Going outside will not spread anything to anybody if you keep enough distance and don't get it to your hands from touching surfaces.

    Why do you need to empty your ex's trash can, though.
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    @electrineer *stops eating from the trash* Wait what did you say?
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    @electrineer coders and their commas and periods. miss them and everything turns upside down 🙃
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