Slack is good at a lot of things. But there are two things that have always gotten under my skin. I want:

1) a free tier that doesn't expire messages (it's 2020).
2) a single sign on manager or some way to reliably and seamlessly handle many workspaces across devices.

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    These are the reasons Linux magazine went bankrupt.
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    @sweetnothings 1) Persistent message history is widely available in other platforms. If they don't want to get rid of it, there is a middle ground in handling message expiration. Or there are plenty of additional ways to monetize, most of which may be less frustrating.

    2) Can you send me a link? I've searched for 10 minutes and can't find any record of a slack.com login/my google account :(. The login is always requested for individual workspaces.
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    @SortOfTested Nah don't get me wrong i'm not saying don't monetize.
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    @sweetnothings Thanks took me a few minutes to find on mobile and web app, but definitely useful (though there is no one click sign in to all on the web app, and while opening at two in a row it locked me out of both. But nonetheless it's nice to finally be able to see all of my workspaces.

    Not sure if I'm misinterpreting, but seems like your reply was snarky. *If* so, I've been pretty neutral/polite so it's kinda uncessary :\
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    Every reply here should be a little snarky. We're being our best selves; the c-lang mailing list.
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