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    @sweetnothings why bother using separate platforms when I should be able to use one?
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    Hahahahaha wow
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    11/10 Validation
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    Seems like someone fucked up validation
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    So stronk
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    Nope, most devs use slack file sharing directly because you get better search indexing. It's mostly office admin/manager types that like to indirect to another file service.
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    I like what @SortOfTested wrote...

    Mostly in project management / documentation, I get fucking frustrated when I KNOW that someone posted viable information.... But I just cannot find it.

    After scrolling and searching a needle in a haystack, the message consists of:


    Great. Thanks for wasting my time.


    Most chats support regex searches.... As attachments are chat messages, too it's far easier to find

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    @sweetnothings yet another reason why posting links is a bad habbit: you never know when the link is going to die. Poster can remove the file w/o bothering to take down the link, so anyone browsing chat history will keep clicking on those teasing dead links.

    I hate when people do that...
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    @sweetnothings thanks! 😁
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    Dude, just call it '.zip' and it should do.
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    @sweetnothings It doesn't make sense use separate service for every little file, every draft document, every small text file or code snippet. I would feel really lost in a flood of uneccessary files in a shared folder just to find one log file shared few minutes ago.

    File sharing services are for more important things you need to keep organized like project documentation, guidelines, designs, specific client requests etc. and when its really important to have something where everyone who needs it can find and use it.

    I am using both options this way so this approach makes complete sense to me :)
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    I had a simmilar issue when trying to send a file from a different paritition. Try moving the file to your primary partition and send it from there
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    keep zipping the zip file
    keep doing it till you can send it
    (chaotic evil)
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    Why would a file type be unsupported for uploading if it's not supposed to be displayed? It's bytes! It's just bytes!
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    @zankar what? Why?!
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    - marketing
    - security
    - legal reasons

    to start with :)
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    Notavirus.vbs would like to add you as a frenz.
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    @SortOfTested free_UHD_porn.exe
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    @netikras thesameshit.zip
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    @OneOfSimpleMind yepp.. Just one accidental click away further :)
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    That zip is rigged!

    We all know that one person saved it as syslog.zip.zip 😉
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