For me, the best thing about WFH is power nap.
Don't tell me you are not taking power naps.

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    Tell that to my parents and beg to god that they won't whoop your butt.
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    My company has an policy, where i am required to be the only person in the room that can read the screen.
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    i live with other people, so of fucking course I can't.
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    Wait, you guys don't do that in the office?
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    @Creep Wait, you can do that in office?

    Shut up and take my resume.
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    I've never understood people's ability to take a "power nap".

    I can fall asleep around lunchtime any day, sure. But then you can guarantee I'm then asleep for hours. Try and wake me up, and I'll be as productive as an argumentative toddler for the rest of the day.
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    This happens when you do not sleep well in the night. In that case you will fall into deep sleep very quickly.
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    Would love a power nap. Kids are far too hyper for that, and the wife gives me dirty looks when I suggest (*mostly* as a joke) tying them together and putting tape on their mouths for 10 minutes of quiet
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    So power naps are an actual thing? There are people, that are less sleepy after them?
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    @Oktokolo I normally am but I can't do it while people are home though.
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