I created a live covid19 stats tracking website.😷🚀

I also just launched this site in producthunt.

So if you find this website helpful in anyway then do upvote and share :) thank you.

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    It looks beautiful... nice job!
    Sad statistics though...
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    @JS96 yes and I had to look at all the death stats while building this :( anway thank you. stay safe
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    Looks great, I'd just simplify the numbers from 2464856 to 2.46M and 161613 to 161k, etc. Or at least put some commas in there, makes it easier to read IMO. Other than that, nice design!
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    @ItsaMeTuni thank you. that totally slipped from my mind. thanks again . will change it asap :)
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    @ItsaMeTuni it is updated now :)
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    Love this neomorphic design. My new addiction 😍
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    @devapsarl thank you :) also a quick note while using Neomorphic design don't go all out. leave some elements without the Neomorphic touch. like i did on the search bar . so that it creates a nice little contrast.
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    @rocktim it still have the drop shadow.
    But i would put an inner shador for it to contrast
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    @devapsarl yes that would work too.
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    Ya have horizontal scrolling -5 point XD
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