This is neither international nor Indian number system. Why no one made GoDaddy realise this stupid mistake yet

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    I'm talking about wrong placement of commas btw
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    Aside from the second one (it's redundant), they seem to be thousands separators.
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    Aside from the commas, wtf is this currency. That's like 33 USD isn't it?
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    2x, 9crore rupees? Fucking baller over here.
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    @nitwhiz No lol the commas confuse me, but I would say that is 29 lakhs. About 40k USD (idk if I'm just blowing this maths up, just woke)
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    @mahir-halani You seem to be right, I checked the same domain at the British GoDaddy and it was listed for around 30K GBP.
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    @kamen I am Indian, I mean, wouldn't mess my own currency up.
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