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    *tap* *tap* *tap* *tap*
    *tap* *tap*

    "I'm in"

    Hacking in movies in a nutshell
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    @ItsaMeTuni Hollywood is insane 🤣
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    Have you seen Mr. Robot? For fiction it’s solid stuff - I’m a huge fan, thinking about rewatching soon.
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    "On it!"
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    @sweetnothings don't forget the pretty hacker UI progress bar loading and the big alert pop-ups
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    "Nice pecs!"

    "Thanks, Bro!"
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    @whiteagle I second this, me robot is one of the greatest series I've seen and 5/7 recommend for who hasn't already
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    I am genuinely interested in knowing such movies. Haven't come across anything so far except for Mr.robot
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