After seeing everyone arguing about coffee on my post yesterday, I thought you guys might like to see my new invention.

I call it "the late man's coffee" for when you don't have enough time to eat breakfast and drink your morning coffee.

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    Sidenote: half my posts seem to be about waking up late. I really hope a future employer doesnt find this account because that won't help me get the job
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    Muffins? Doughnuts? A chocolate bar?

    But high and out of milk, maybe... 🤔
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    @LavaTheif so what you’re saying is you’d rather have them find out later so you can bilk a couple months’ worth of paychecks before they fucking fire your lazy ass?
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    In india we have a similar recipe called a ruined tea with floating biscuits
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    now due to curfew and immigrants told to fuck off, everyone in england has a floater in their toilet
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    To each their own. I personally like to have my first coffee when I actually start working, i.e. when I get to my desk if I'm WFH or when I get to the office when I'm there.
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    @kamen that's what I prefer too, but as I'm still in education I still work in retail so that isn't an option :(
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    Doesn't work for all of us who drink our coffee black.

    But it works in a pinch.
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