I consider this day very productive.
So proud of myself. 😁

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    oh yeah, I can spend the whole day putting effort in single README
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    if that makes Readme 100% more readable? worth it
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    @FrodoSwaggins just out of curiosity, what makes updated readme.md such a horrible messag? descriptive and simple, what more do you want?
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    @FrodoSwaggins lol I don't see him doing that to actual code files, just to a simple README.md file, can't possibly assume that it would be the same for every other file. Give @JS96 some credit
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    @AleCx04 True.
    I do that only with the README, and only if I change it directly using web version of GitHub, I'm too lazy to explain I fixed a typo and where.

    On shared repos I always include a list (in the description section of the commit) of the changes I made to make it clear, not only for my coworkers but also for myself to find that commit in future.

    So maybe sometimes you can find a commit with title "Updated ClassName.cs", but in the description section you will always find (maybe not always, but 99.99% of the times) what I've really updated.
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    Prefered commit message of all times : WIP
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