Always love seeing massive companies fail in simple trivial things like these. Just tells me they don't have proper QA.

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    What does the logo mean? Looks like an ass, heart, or hotdog bun.
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    GoDaddy doesn't have proper anything.
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    @rutee07 not to be devils advocate but symbol of heart our society uses is basically a beautified ass.

    Hotdog bun is a good one, didn't notice it until now 😂 🌭

    @SortOfTested 100% agree on this one, everything there is all over the place, thankfully this was my last domain with them.
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    @SortOfTested they do have proper policies to rip off customers.
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    @rutee07 well I don't know what you want from a company called "go daddy " they could as well be in the adult industry with that name not just the logo
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    @ilikeglue It does look like an upturned ass with that line as an arm as if it's spreading the ass cheek and saying "Fuck yes, spread it."
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    Given their history as a sex baiting market failure, then a woke-washed cash vortex, and now a company run by the guy who oversaw all outsourcing operations at Expedia while anti-competitively buying 70% of the viable companies in the travel space only to see them fail due to massive lawsuits from a total absence of security, trustworthy staff and concern over user privacy, I kind of interpreted it to be a cancerous zit growing around the letter G.

    That at least would represent their company accurately.
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    @rutee07 I thought it was eggs doing it missionary style
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    @r3nrut Hahaha. Good one! 🐣
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