Lol I want to try this too. Do we've gender swap edition of this meme?

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    One of my coworkers used the same exact meme as his background the other day. But it was just a team meeting with our manager and we all used silly backgrounds and nicknames.
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    ... how to have no fun at job whit collegue :/
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    What a stick in the mud.
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    Had a zoom "meeting" (more like an after work than a meeting tbh) with my CIO. He spend the whole meeting with a Cyanide and Happiness background.
    Was not expecting that from the CIO of a multi billion company.
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    She looks close enough to the real thing, if she had worn a red top and had better lighting, really could have sold it.

    Didn't commit fully, like a true professional.
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    Gender swap
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    @jeanblue haha thanks bro!!
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    What kind of boomer refers to memes in quotes.
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    I appreciate that the email was well articulated and politely worded.
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