I've been doing interview prep for almost two months now (off and on). Doing this course online to better understand algorithms and doing Leetcode problems here and there. Definitely not putting in 6 or even 8 hours a day into studying since I'm working, but fuck I feel so discouraged when I'm not even able to get an "easy" problem.

I really want to get better, and I know it takes a lot of patient and practice when it comes to problems. I try my best to tell myself "you haven't learned this yet" or "you'll get it soon", but in the end I just feel so discouraged that I want to quit practicing for interviews.

I hate that this profession requires people to spend X months or even years studying for an interview. That the 3-5 years of relative and good work experience means nothing more than passing a resume screening to get to a coding interview where they ask you a problem you'll never face in your career at X company.

Do I hate the process because I'm just bad at algorithms I don't use often? Or would I feel like it's just and fair if I understood things easier and were able to land jobs easily because I get all the algorithms?

I just want to be better.

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    I don't hire the algorithm wizard. I hire the person with insight and objectivity. I can teach algorithms.
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    I've never had algo grilling during interviews, and I wouldn't even accept this. Sure, asking when to use which algos, that's relevant, but rote learning just for interviews? No thanks.
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    Bro, I have the same problem right now, not even easy are being solved by me too ;) you are not alone. We should create discord for prepping together!
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    Oh and even in my first job, I didn't have such questions. The company was looking for someone to take over a considerable codebase in assembly but didn't want to pay senior level. My final thesis involved an assembly project, and as beginner, I wasn't demanding too much money, so we came to an easy agreement.
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    One thing that many people don't do during interviews, and I have seen this as the manager of my department is: they don't work on their social skills at all. I am very much interested in the problem solver that has a disposition to work well with others, good communication skills, an overall fun attitude that will not crash when shit hits the fan.

    Making the interview(technical one that is) all about algorithms always seemed meh to me, since even the most advanced developers will google shit when they are writing whatever, plus, web development ain't rocket science.
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    @pythonInRelay what leetcode meme? i must have missed that
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    Valid. The study is just part of this game.
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    Also, gotta love those lateral thinking questions.
    - How many streets are in x city?
    - What information do I have?
    - Nothing.
    - Then the answer is 0. (You s***face!)
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