Please consider my questions StackOverflow 😭

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    Or they get unanswered for years...
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    What's your question? Because it can be removed from devRant too?
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    @hndk I've at least a couple, still unanswered.
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    99% of my questions were answered by me at a later date .

    The only question you can hope to get answered is :

    What does a print() statement do ?
    And in most of the cases you might get a similar question flag with a question like "how to fix a printer"
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    More often than not, this is your real position.
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    I like how stackoverflow is so strict about question quality. most of the new questions have already been answered elsewhere or are incomplete or show no effort from the asker to find out themselves. SO is not a solution generator to everybodies coding tasks. Asking on SO should be a last resort, given that moat things have already been answered anyways.
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    I'm struggling to find interesting non-trivial questions to answer on SO. If you give me the link, I might take a look, but hey: provide the relevant code and output!
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