Suppose u got a project idea. But for this project u have to use a totally different language, say Go as it's suits the use case. But till now u had experience in other languages like Java, node etc.
How do you switch to different language in minimum time? What points u keep in mind to get the language? U r well aware of that u may or may not use this language for another project in future. But for this project, it's best case scenario.

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    I'd read the getting started guide and then just wing it, googling basically everything along the to get a feel for the best practices
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    by getting help from someone who knows the thing you need and eventually you pay her him to consult you.
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    How do you know that you will not use the language again?

    When you start learning your first programming language , you don't think I may write "10" project in "X" language and I may write "8" project in "Y" language, therefore I will learn "X" learn.

    You just learn the language and you mind started to use the language you learn in your future project.
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