Started making 5 figure income a month while working for myself. But have no friends and no interests to talk about besides work. Im a really bad case of "all work and no play makes the jack a dull boy". I spent last 8 years to achieve that. Is that good or bad? Im so much lost in my work that normal living sounds so boring at this point

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    Let's assume we are talking USD for a moment.

    $520,000/year. 👀

    Did you move to Silicon Valley or something?

    Or are we talking local currency?
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    you doing you isn't a bad thing, but what's your ideal of a normal life? balancing your work with other activities you really enjoy will make you happier
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    You are having the below problem.

    Money = Amount of time I have to work

    It great that you earn a lot of money (I think it a lot of money in your currency) but as you may have notice,you got money but you don't have time for family and friend.

    Your problem can be solve if you have a money generating tree. Yes money generating tree exist and they are called "assert"

    Assert are thing like stock,bound, investment,--etc which generate money without you having to do anything. If you have enough asserts , you can reduce your working hour and the extra hour can be spend with your friends and family.

    Another thing you have to do is reduce your "liabilities" and distinguish "wanting" and "needing"
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    Liabilities are thing like car loan which take money from you monthly (constantly)

    The first thing most people do when they have a lot of money is they spend is thing they don't need.You don't need a good sport car (it is wanting) , you just need a good car that you can drive from point A to point B.

    Wanting = $1000 phone

    Needing = $200 phone

    Also study your tax codes since there are "always" a way to reduce paying your tax legally.
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    10k/month is 120k. You multiplied too many times 😉

    It's pretty common for senior engineers to pull 160 base here. My rent is also $5,600/month. It's all relative.
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    @SortOfTested this is why programmers shouldn't do math before coffee in the morning 😂😂😂

    Apparently there's 52 months this year.
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    "Is that good or bad" is really only a question you can answer yourself. I know people that would count that as a very good thing, work is what they enjoy, and they'll keep doing that for as long as they can. I know people that would count that as a very good thing but only temporarily, and would want to use those funds for an early retirement, or to save for a house etc. then settle down with a family, earning less. And equally, I know people that would out and out hate that life, and wouldn't even consider it.

    You alone need to decide what lifestyle will make you happy & content, and if you're not currently happy, then work to change it.
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    It sounds like you have no commitments and work you can do from anywhere. So do that! Explore the world whilst working from your laptop. Obviously you may have to wait another 18 months for this bastard disease to finally be halted, but at least you can plan a trip of a lifetime in beautiful places, where you can meet up with people and expand your leisure time. You can start building memories whilst still doing your work and that is bound to impact on your mental wellbeing and make you a more interesting person. You’ll enjoy planning it as well!
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    @mr-user can you give more information on various types of asserts? I want to have as much of passive income as i could once i start my job life
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    I got a friend who's a digital artist. While his work is much different from ours, he is his own boss just like you are yours.
    Sometimes he works like a mule, and has constant rings around his eyes. He earns so much, that working more would put him in an other tax bracket so he puts down his pencil in September and he is done for the year.
    Managing life/work balance is hard. You need to know when to push and when to stop.
    Take time to rest and to spend time with family.
    Success should not be only measured in money.
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