NetBeans by far. Small footprint, open source, not owned/managed by mass surveillance company/party and pretty much everything else I expect from a good IDE.

With the Darcula theme of course!

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    Have you ever compared it to a JetBrains IDE or at least Eclipse?
    I was forced by my then-company to use NetBeans 8.2 for a rather long project (about 2 years), and I only remember it as an slow, useless, constantly-crashing text editor and in generally having the worst code completion, code generation and error checker.
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    @systemctl I've used Jetbrains Intellij before, yeah. I like it but the ethics part (I'd rather use software from a FOSS project than from a commercial company) is a big thing for me.

    I can't stand Eclipse but netbeans is fast, has a small footprint and works great for me! In comparison to Intellij I don't really see a difference.
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    @systemctl For the record, I've used Netbeans as primary editor for about 4 years now and it has improved a lot and I like it nonetheless :)
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    @linuxxx Well IntelliJ Community Editon is completly open source, no hidden shit there :) (Google uses it for their Android Studio, I think Google might have put their tracking crap even into a product they straight up copied)
    I would certainly think of JetBrains as one of the more ethical companies (like IBM was at some point before some of their divisions put profit before their customers), just that their products might get expensive (they often sponsor licenses for their professional editon IDEs for open source project maintainers though).
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    @systemctl That's definitely true but then I'd still rather "sponsor" an open source project/organisation :)
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    @systemctl @linuxxx Interesting hearing your experiences - I used to use Eclipse long ago (pre 2010), but found it gobbled up memory for no reason, was slow as anything, frequently crashed and had really patchy Maven support. I switched to Netbeans and found it way, way better - used it for the best part of a decade.

    But beyond Netbeans 8 it just felt like a different beast - Maven updates took forever, new language features took ages to be integrated into a stable release, and had a load of random freezes / crashes / weird bugs where I suddenly couldn't edit anything every so often.

    Joined the hoard and switched to IntelliJ for new projects, and it feels much more polished. Preset Netbeans shortcuts are nice as well (though there's some, like clearing the terminal, that aren't quite configured right out the box.) My only annoyance is that you can't do a "fix imports" in the same way as IntelliJ - no such thing as a dialog, have to do them one by one. Ah well, I can live with that.
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    @AlmondSauce I only use netbeans for backend/frontend stuff tbh. It takes up around 200-300mb of ram and is very fast and stable for me!
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    @linuxxx Admittedly the projects I use it for are rather huge, which may have some bearing on my experience.
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    @AlmondSauce That might make a difference, I guess. My projects are always backend (mostly PHP), very sometimes some frontend involved as well.
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    @linuxxx Yes, our use cases are quite different. I use it for backend Java projects of various sizes (often very large), often with huge numbers of Maven dependencies. Really doesn't seem to like that, at least on my machine.
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    @AlmondSauce It might kinda depend on what specs you have, what are yours, if I may ask?
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    @linuxxx Old machine, in fairness (i5-2500k CPU) but with 16GB RAM and a new, fast SSD.
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